Spouse moved out

Husband move din other room 3 months ago
Gave ,e separation agreement with his terms i month ago - has attorney
I week ago I sent a letter saying I was willing to mediate and move toward separation and finally absolute divorce. Husband moved out last night unexpectedly .
I changed the locks .
Did letter I sent to attorney void abandonment ?
How do I get child support ?
post separation support . mortgage is due in 1 week .
Anthing else I should do immediately ?

If you consented to your ex moving out you have no claim for abandonment, and your letter can be used as evidence that you consented to his moving out.
You need to file an action for child support, pss and attorney’s fees in the even your ex does not provide you with funds, and access to the bank accounts to ensure the bills and household expenses are paid.
I strongly suggest you meet with a lawyer to discuss the specifics of you case.

this is what i wrote . Does this constitute permission

“I met with an attorney on the morning of Friday November 12th and went over your proposed separation agreement. I cannot sign it as it is, but I am very willing to mediate to reach acceptable terms so that we can separate and get the clock ticking toward Absolute Divorce.”

“I have no interest in trying to use the counselor to restore our marriage nor to rehash the past. This would only be to get the separation agreement resolved in an affordable manner so we can move forward with our separate lives. We could then head into formal mediation with most of the smaller details already worked out.”

He did not tell me he was leaving until 5 minutes before he did in a voicemail.I changed the locks and do not want him here .Is this within my rights .

what about the fact that he has only paid a minimal amount of bills ,left me with the full mortgage pmt due this week , is having electric shut off tomorrow and took the deposit on file and put toward his new place leaving me with no notice . I am facing a 375 . deposit .
Moved his direct deposit in July . Blocked me from accts. , moved in other room and would not talk to me 3 months ago , .Will not co parent .In sept pd 170. in bills to my 1000. in bills paid .in oct would not pay mortgage.I had to borrow from mom, He paid 360. in bills to my 1038.(mom)

Isnt this some type of abandonment ? Constructive .

No, in my opinion you consented to his departure.