Spouse on Drugs

Firstly she needs to protect herself from him physically. If he has moved out or gone she needs to change the locks on the doors. Secondly she needs to protect herself financially. Open a new bank account close the old one.

She needs to get custody of the children. New born included. She needs to sue him for child support. Good luck.

I have to agree with don5327 that she needs to protect herself finacially and physically. She should also consult an attorney. Annulments are rare and I am not sure that the drug addiction is enough cause especially with a child involved…
Go on the home site and type in annulment. It will explain the reasons that they are granted.

Sadly, the child that she is pregnant with will be his child and she can not completely keep him away from that child. She can get a protective order, primary physical and legal custody but this child can not legally be kept away from the father. On the better side of this, normally persons that are this heavily addicted do not have the desire to be a parent so she very easily could consult an attorney, have an agreement drawn up so that she maintains the residence, primary legal and physical custody, and have him sign it. Due to the length of time they have been married, it’s doubtful that she would have to split any assets or be responsible for any debts. The money that he has already taken would be a small price to pay if that’s all she loses…

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My sister has only been married for 2 months to this man that she met back in November. She got pregnant right away and married him. They got married in June of this year. 2 weeks after they were married he came up missing for 2 days and cleaned out her bank account. My sister was hurt. She did not know why he did this. His family then told her that he has a severe drug addiction and he has been for several years. They said he has a criminal background as well. NO ONE told her about any of this the whole time before they were married. She had no idea! She wants to know if she can get an annulment in the state of NC based on deception? She needs out of this situation FAST she already has 1 child from before and another one with this guy due anytime! She does not want her children around this guy! She does not know what to do and she is scared. We are concerned and scared for the children and her. Please someone help what can she do?