Spouse wont leave

I want my husband to leave the home. He doesn’t work or do anything around the house. We have been married 2.5 years and he stopped working when we got married. He wont look for a job or anything. I am financially and emotionally drained. When I ask him to leave he says no. He wont even move into spare bedroom. I am working 2 jobs to pay the bills. I just want out but I can’t afford to pay for the house (in my name) and for an apartment also. He can’t pay the mortgage because he wont work. I can pay the mortgage so I should stay in the house. He says I have to do both if I want to end the marriage. What can I do? He is emotionally abusive but not physically so I can’t get a 50b.

You may try filing for a divorce from bed and board to get him out based on his actions and refusal to work making your life intolerable.