Spouse won't sign free trader


Problem: My almost ex-spouse won’t sign a free trader agreement. He says he doesn’t see any reason to because he doesn’t want to buy things and I do.

Are there alternatives?

We are almost done with our year and I will be filing asap, but understand that there is usually a 4-6 week delay. Shortly thereafter I want to purchase a new home, but I unwisely agreed to a closing date that is probably before the divorce will be finalized.

It just seems stupid that a person who I’m entitled to a divorce because we were separated for a year and where we’re basically almost done with the legal process can interfere with a closing on a new house.

I would ask to just push the closing out a few days, but I can’t seem to get any guarantees about when the divorce will be final.

Help? Ideas?


There really isn’t anything you can do to force him to sign it; you could always see if he would cooperate with the closing process, although that sounds doubtful. But there is no other legal channel you can take to expedite the divorce process, or otherwise make him not have to be involved with the purchase of the new home.