Wife left my sons and I more than 2.5 years ago. She set up her own residence at that time, so, have been separated ever since. We could not settle on a separation agreement, not even through mediation. She has not attempted to even help me with any child support. My attorney says she is being unreasonable with her demands. Since the last status hearing in Jan. 2014, and providing all documentation requested for interrogatories many months ago, my attorney nor his paralegal has not returned any phone calls or Emails concerning the progress of my divorce petition filed a little more than a year ago. Is there anything I can do to move things along? I have solid proof of longstanding infidelity, so its really just a division of assets/debts. It shouldn’t be that difficult I would think. She has most definitely abandoned the marriage and her duties as a mother.

And I dont owe my Attorney any money. Im more than 20K into this process with him. I have always paid my bill timely.

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