Statutory Rape

I have spent the last year in court w/ my daughter’s father. To make things short he doesn’t pay child support, does not work, and its really only his mother who cares to see my daughter. I filed for sole custody because he had pending assault on a female, communicating threats and felony intimidating a witness charges against him. At the same time he filed contempt for not getting to see her during 08 Christmas holiday. I didn’t let her go because of the charges and he had a warrant out for his arrest. During court the judge gave him like 60 days make up time. Which later on I found out that my ex is friends with the judge’s daughter. Needless to say nothing happened except for a waste of money… Now he has filed for every holiday on the calendar. My attorney has advised me to go take out charges against him since I was 15 and he was 20 when I had my daughter.Will this make me look bad in court??? Would it be a waste of my time to try to file criminal charges now? My daughter is now 7. I wish I would have filed the charges 7 years ago! But I didn’t… I have a full time job and really don’t want to waste my time in court forever. What would happen if I file those charges right after he filed for modification of holiday visitation? We still haven’t had court for that matter yet though.

I am not sure that would help your case, or even if you can still press charges. You would need to speak to the DA’s office in order to discern if you have a case at this point.