Step-mom wants to take son for a week-end

My son’s step-mom has planned a “mother/son” week-end with her friend and her friends son. My son told me yesterday and I think my heart dropped. Is this normal that she is telling him it is a “mother/son” week-end getaway. Should I confront her or my ex about this? This is supposed to be his dad’s week-end.

Not an attorney…

I think this is perfectly normal, she wants to spend time with him. It isn’t like she is trying to replace you. I don’t think you should say anything to his father, I think that you should let it go and tell him to have fun. If she isn’t doing any harm to him then why try and start an argument. Yes, it is dad’s weekend, but dad can let him go with step mom if he chooses unless you have a custody order stating otherwise.

It is your son’s stepmom which means that he will be spending time with her when he is with his dad. It is good for them to have a good relationship. If your son wants to go, let it be, and tell him to have a good time. Children usually won’t choose to spend time with adults whom they don’t like.

The advice given above is accurate. Each parent’s custodial time with the child can usually be spent as that parent sees fit. If the custody order or agreement contains a right of first refusal, you may have an argument to stop the weekend, but that would depend on the wording of this provision.

I was able to talk to step-mom and clear up the mother/son verbiage. She didn’t mean it that way. I also told my son that I’m happy for him. Sometimes I have to stop, take a breath and let it be. It is still difficult sometimes. But in the big picture we are fortunate that our son has 2 great step-parents. Thank you for the feedback.

Great for all of you; most of all, for your son .