Stepmother rights

If I’m not mistaken, you should be allowed to keep the visitations the same as though your husband were there. It may have to be a letter from an attorney stating the custody agreement/order. I’m not certain how this is handled during deployment, but a non-custodial parent may choose a person to care for the child during his/her visitation time if they are not available.
Hopefully others will repsond to this, because I’m not positive about this. I’m not sure that stepparents have custodial rights for the most part…

bumping this up because I’d like to know the answer as well.

does the stepmother have any visitation rights? my husband is in the military and his son lives with his mother in raleigh. she will not me on any weekend for my stepson to stay with me. there is always an excuse. my husband is stationed in new york and will soon be deploying and i want to know if i could get court ordered visitation or will i have to wait until my husband comes home to see my stepson. if you have any info, please help.