Stepmother rights

My ex’s wife has been recently harrassing me saying that i am a horrible mother etc. My ex is the custodial parent of one of our 3 kids together. She is 13. I am the custodial parent of the other 2. Recently my daughter and my relationship hasnt been the best (shes a teenager). Her step mother has sent me text saying never to contact my daughter anymore and has even gone as far as to change her number twice and has told my family members they are not allowed to have it. My ex and i did not do a formal custody arrangement when we divorced. it was a mutual signed notorized agreement. I would like to know what rights the stepmother has keeping my daughter from me and also about harrassing me when she isn’t in the agreement to contact me about issues like this. thanks

You should file for custody if they won’t be reasonable. You have a right to contact your daughter.