Step Parent

Does the step-parent have rights to contact a child’s teachers and communicate with them about the child and their grades? The custody is 50/50 legal and physical custody.

I assume you mean that the order gives each biological parent legal and physical custody. Unless there is an order in place that gives step parents custodial rights, they do not have the same custodial rights as parents. If a step parent is contacting the school looking for information about the child, I would address this with the school to ensure they are aware of the situation.

The mom doesn’t want the step-mom communicating with the teachers. She said it should only be her and the father (she hasn’t contacted the teachers ever on her child’s behalf). Dad is remarried and doesn’t mind the wife (step mom) contacting the teachers. The step mom also includes the mom on all emails so it isnt like step mom is trying to hide anything.The custody order is written 50/50 joint legal and physical custody and both parents have rights to contact the school. There is nothing in there about if either parent gets remarried about the step parents. Dad has 183 nights mom has 182.

Absolutely not!I think you are completely within your boundaries.
As a parent, you really need to have a good understanding of what your child is capable of doing.Try to be as objective as possible. I urge parents to be very, very careful when trying to accurately assess their child’s abilities.