Stolen cell phone

My wife stole my cell phone. is anything she finds in there admissible in court, since she obtained the phone without my permission?


Buddy I didn’t get your point, but I really want to help you as me too faced similar kind of situation once in my life. I hope the situation well matches with yours too. My relative stolen my very expensive phone in a family function and I know that he has stolen my phone but unable to prove it as was one of my family member. At that time I felt like I was struck badly.

Than I consulted with one firm and put an FIR than too I didn’t get good results but than to I am sure that he has stolen my phone. I gathered full confidence and put up a case in court too and win it with the help of court reporters and my lawyers. whole team did very well. I really want to thanks them.

If you want some help from me buddy than I can disclose you the firm, as forums didn’t allow to but links of other websites.

Please feel free to ask.

Whether evidence obtained from the cell phone is admissible will be dependent on all the facts and circumstances in your case. I would read through our Spousal Spying Center to learn more about the laws surrounding spousal spying.