Stopping Child Support Automatically and Reimbursement


If a child has reached 18 and graduated from high school (child is now in college) and there is no Order or agreement to pay child support for that child beyond 18, may the parent paying support automatically stop payment for that child the month after graduation from high school? Does the paying parent need to file anything with the court? If the parent pays $1,800 for three children, can the paying parent automatically reduce payments by $600 and going forward pay $1,200 for the remaining two minority children? What if the parent has continued to pay support for the child in college for several months beyond graduation? How does the parent get reimbursement for the $600 monthly payments not owed due to majority of the one child? Can the parent deduct the overpayment from future payments for the other two minority children? Does the parent who overpaid have to file anything with the court to obtain reimbursement for the overpayments?


You need to file a motion to modify child support. You should not automatically reduce the amount as you see fit, a new child support calculation will need to be run.