Subpenia Records - income

Hello, I am in the middle of a divorce and can’t seem to get my soon to be ex to supply the requested income records. We made a temporary child support order using my last 3 years income records and only one pay stub (not containing all of his income as he gets 2 different incomes from the government) containing his base pay only for one month and one w2 containing his reserve pay only. I know the reason he is not supplying the requested records is because he is trying to hide money but I am not sure how to prove it. How do I subpenia the government and/or the IRS for his income records for the last 3 years?

Also, how can I subpenia his bank records?

Thank you.

I am in the same boat… I have an atty who is willing to do this for me but I was wondering if there was a way I could proceed on my own! Thanks so much!

Yes, you can subpeona the records. Looking at his bank records might be a good place to start. You can subpoena income information directly from his employer, too, but I would start with the bank records. You may obtain a subpoena and have the clerk of court issue the same once you have filled in the name of the institution and the records which you are requesting. The clerk in your county may be able to provide you with a blank subpoena, or you can obtain one from the AOC website ( The clerk will have to sign the subpoena for it to be issued since you are acting pro se.