Subpoena depositions--and perjury


If you have regular email contact with someone, can you let them know about a deposition scheduled like that or do you HAVE to go through the formal subpoena process?

How do you do discovery on someone’s mental health, which I was told by judge I could do. Doesn’t discovery take two months?

WHAT can you do if you know for sure that someone has committed perjury? Is this ever prosecuted? If not, why not? Makes no sense. I don’t like under oath because I can’t bring myself to do it, but the opposition does.


You must send the formal notice of deposition. Discovery can take up to two months, you may use interrogatories, requests for admission, request for production of documents, and to enter upon land, ect to discover many things in preparation for trial. I suggest you read the North Carolina Rules of Civil Procedure (26-32) to learn more about the different tools available to you.
Perjury can be prosecuted, but the decision t o prosecute lies with the DA.