Support termination

My divorce decree states: support in this agreement is until the minor child is age 18 or completion of High School whichever is latter. My child completed high school early in January and no longer attends school. They will go back in June for the ceremony to get there diploma. my question is do I still have to pay My ex-spouse child support until June?
I read where the General Statue 50- 13.4 also reads under termination clause: (2) otherwise ceases to attend school on a regular basis. Don’t know how to interpret this.
We did not appear in court for our divorce decree it was done under I would guess as a collaborative law agreement on our part.

Based on what you have shared it appears as though your child support obligation may have terminated. So long as your child is no longer enrolled in school and pursuing a degree there should no longer be a child support obligation. If your ex spouse sues for child support he or she would have to show that the child is actively enrolled in school.