Support v. Disability

Between not having knowledge of it myself and having an attorney who did not address it, my disability was not credited against my child support since 2001. I learned that I should have been given credit for disability payments made to my ex, and have been struggling since then to have this ruled on by the court. I have the documentation from SSA showing all of the amounts received by my ex since 1998 (when she left me and our children) until 2000-2001 (when she got custody). Besides being paid regular child support, she has received over $20,000.00 in disability benefits for our children. The court said they had no jurisdiction over SSA and the child support agency moves to dismiss my motions every time I try to enter a plea in court, stating that they have heard this issue before. I feel as if I’ve hit a brick wall, but I also feel that my ex has been paid twice. It does not help that she is gloating to me about “getting away with it.” Who do I need to appeal to, or what next move do I need to make to get this situation resolved?