Suspicous--ex doesn't want child support


I have a friend who divorced about 1.5 years ago, but only recently settled the issue of not being able to sell the marital home (ex finally agreed to “buy” the house so now it’s only in her name). Until that point, my friend was giving her more than half of every paycheck, presumably to cover either a portion of the mortgage, monthly payments on their joint debt, or both. They have one child together, 7 years old. The ex is now saying she doesn’t expect him to pay any child support–only continue to cover the child under his medical insurance plan and pay part of the daycare expenses. I don’t think they have anything to this affect in writing. He is paying the daycare directly, so has record that he has been making those payments, but coud the ex come back later and claim that my friend didn’t support the child or that he is a deadbeat dad?


If he can demonstrate that he has been contributing money for the child he will not be looked upon as failing to provide support.