Taking money before actual seperation

You have a complicated question. Answering it without fully understanding the details of your situation would be unfair to you. I strongly encourage you to sit down with a lawyer and get your questions answered after fully explaining your situation. Some lawyers offer a free consultation. Some lawyers, through the NC Lawyers Referral Service, offer a $30 consultation. Or, if you are in our area, come meet with us. You really need to get some advice that is specific to your situation.

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My husband and I have been lgeally married for 9 years, we lived apart for 3 years(my husband left me for another woman) but he says he left due to I was non-suppoertive to him emotionally. He left my home in 2003 in which he live with another women and her family. He
made intital contact with me during the summer of 2005 stating he was unhappy we talked as friends became intimate again,but he never returned home he remained involved with this woman. During that time he applied for GE in North carolina, he transferred here,we still talked on the phone he even came back to Ohio in 2005 for Thanksgiving in which he stayed with me. I found out that his girlfriend and he children moved here in September she then left in october returning back to Ohio. My husband is still financially supporting her. He sends her money on a frequent basis. He also had sexual intercourse with her in July of 2006 when he was in Ohio. He has now came up with this master plan that I return to Ohio after January of 2007, upon which he will take money from his s&p account
he says his giving me $3000.00 to start over with… I’m not walking away that easy because of all the hell I’ve encountered since we reunited. He’s stated he doesn’t love me and it would be better to just go back to Ohio. What am I risking if I return to Ouio?