If my ex was legally required to pay taxes on my alimony and he did not for three years in a row is that a clear breach. He did not offer, I did not file the returns because I did not know he had to pay and I did not have the money myself, and it resulted in several years of tax leins etc for me. I am wongering if he can be held accountable since he knew and we discussed the bad situation I was in and he did not offer to pay what he was supposed to. He knew I did not know he was to pay, so he didnt from 2003-2006. In 2006 he paid all back years but it ruined my credit badly and caused my finances to go completly crazy. what would you think regarding the contract.

You can file a breach of contract action seeking payment of your tax debts that were created by the breach.

do you mean that I can file to reclaim the interest. My question stated that he paid all taxes but not penaltys in 2006 This is one of 8 breeches. Do I include to show all breaches or if paid partial than breach is over?

You should seek to recover for all aspects of the breach.