My daugher is 15. It is in her best interest to stay with her father. Do I have any legal right to make this happen. We have a 50/ 50 divorce agreement


Are you the father?


I am assuming that “julieyellowbug” indicates you are the mother. If you, as the mother, think it is in the child’s best interest to stay with her father and the father agrees, then by all means, you can make this happen if everyone concerned is in agreement. Possibly “new” orders would have to be drafted and this could easily be done in a lawyer’s office. If you alone think this is the “best” for your daughter, then possibly a Court procedure would have to occur. What are your reasons for this? Does your daughter want to live with one parent? Until the exisiting orders are changed, then things could technically remain “as is”. However, remember parties may agree to whatever they wish to agree to concerning custody in spite of existing orders. Maybe you can just work things out with your ex without having to go through all the garbage. If you have a working relationship, then you can do whatever you wish concerning the custody arrangement and no one will even blink an eye.