Temporary Custody- likelihood of being changed?


The judge handed down a temporary custody order in January.

For the first 5 months, I get 5 nights, my STBXW gets 9 nights, out of every 14. I wanted 7 & 7, but that is what the judge ordered.

Thankfully, the judge specified that temporary custody goes to 50/50 starting in the summer, and stays that way.

In an attempt to get more custody in the end, my STBXW’s attorney convinced the judge that we should have a Guardian ad Litem investigation before determining permanent custody. There are no allegations of violence or mistreatment, so it is really weird that the judge agreed to order a GAL. Of course, I have to pay for it. My STBXW’s argument is that she is the better parent.

My question is this- Are you aware of any cases where the temporary custody order specified 50/50, but the permanent custody specified less than 50/50 custody for a parent who wanted 50/50?

Under what circumstances have you seen occasions where a judge has ordered less than 50/50 custody for a parent who wanted 50/50? I mean, she has nothing besides self-serving complaining.



I have seen cases where the custody arrangement was different in a permanent order actually this happens often. Judges will evaluate a multitude of factor to determine what is in the children’s best interests.
Judges often like for children to have a “home base” especially during the school year, however this depends on the factors which are unique to each case, the ages of the children, their progress in school, distance between residences ect.