Temporary Hearings!


Also, I forgot to mention, what if the parent’s attorney suggest that the parent not tell the truth on the stand, what happens?

Thank you.


Dear sam38:

Greetings. Yes, perjury (lying on the stand) can be addressed by the court at a final hearing or on the court’s initiative.

You may be fined, put in jail, or lose significant rights with regards to your custody.

If your attorney suggested that you lie, I recommend that you retain new legal counsel immediately, clear up the lie, and report the other attorney to the North Carolina State Bar. Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney with Rosen Divorce
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Questions: If a parent lies on the witness stand at a temporary child custody and child support hearing and there is evidence that the person did lie, can this be addressed at the final hearing? If your answer is a, yes, what will happen to the person?

Thank you.