Temporary Parenting Arrangement appeal or suspension

I just went to the hearing for a Temporary Parenting Arrangement. The judge granted my daughters alleged father custody every other weekend and tues evening dinners. He pays no support nor has he been around my daughter for any extended period of time. I brought this up to the judge and she basically didnt care. When he has asked to get my daughter he drops her off with other people and is not accountable for what occurs with her. As far as support is concerned I have filed for child support but it is currently pending paternity, which was requested by him. Can the parenting arrangement be suspended due to the fact that paternity is in question? If so do i still need to honor the order until it is established? And is there any way to appeal the order granting him so much time with the minor child. Considering he’s never had her before fri to mon is a long time and i believe it will disrupt the schedule that she currently has.

The TPA will not be suspended due to the pending paternity test and the order must be followed for the time being, TPA’s are not appealable immediately and will remain in place until a new order is issued.