Temporary Parenting Arrangement


We had a temporary parenting arrangement ordered by the court. I am supposed to have my children from Wed 12pm - Sat 12pm. The judge specifically asked her if she had a problem with the schedule being the same through the spring break vacation and she said no. I contacted my STBX last night to ensure she would be at the meeting point for the exchange of the children today at 12pm. She stated that the children will be spending spring break with her and the it is her understanding that the judge said she could keep them. She said the children will see me NEXT Wed at 12pm.

Again I remember the judge specifically asking her and she said that she had no problem with the schedule during spring break. Also the judge did not outline in the order that she could keep them during this time.

What can I do if anything?


You may file a motion for contempt, but practically speaking it will be moot by the time you get back in court. I suggest you document the incident of her refusal to cooperate and use it against her in the permanent hearing.