Weekday Activities

Our divorce was recorded last September and a hearing in January gave the ex “temporary” custody with alternating weekends. She has since moved in with her boyfriend, and two of our three boys with her. All three are off for spring break right now and I want to take advantage of that schedule. Nothing in the court order addresses weekday activities, but she refuses to give me the address stating that the order didn’t say she had to. She then insists she will call the police if I ever do anything with them when it’s not my specific weekend. Anything I can do about this other than take the high road with the boys watching?

Without reading the order, it is difficult to advise you how you might exercise some time with the children durig the spring break week. You should keep track of all the holes in your temporary order (it sounds like vacations and holidays should be addressed as well as additional days the children are out of school for workdays), and make sure those issues are addressed when you go back to court for your permanent hearing. You can read more about child custody claims on our site.