Clairfaction of Visitation Terms


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

For the last couple day I have been trying to get a clear answer on when my visitation actually starts, my EX with which I have an established custody order is stating that I would not get the kids for spring break including the weekends.

The Order states:
During the Spring Break from school every even-numbered year and every other odd-numbered year. The defendants(Me) first odd-numbered year shall be 2011.

Spring Break is from
March 15-19 (Monday-Friday)

I am more familiar with Texas law which clearly states that visitation would start on the Friday(03/12) evening and continue to Sunday(03/21) evening. If anyone could provide clarification to this I would greatly appreciate it.


As this is an even year, I would say you would have the children for spring break based on the language you have included.