Terminating parental rights


What are the laws/rules for having ones parental rights terminated? Is it easier to get sole legal custody?


I don’t know all the details but I think you need to have a REALLY strong argument for terminating someone’s parental rights. The times that I’ve personally seen it done were only successful when the parent was shown to be a danger to the child (drugs/violence) or the parent willingly wanted to give up their rights. Maybe one of the attorneys can give you a better answer.


When a court decides whether termination of parental rights is appropriate, there are two inquiries made. First, if there are grounds to terminate the parental rights (NCGS 7B-1111). If the court determines there are grounds, the court then asks if the decision to terminate is in the best interest of the child (NCGS 7B-1110). Usually, it is pretty evident whether there are grounds to terminate. The harder burder is proving that it is in the best interest of the child.