Termination of parental rights

Here are the grounds for termination of parental rights in NC Statute 7B-1111:

Circumstances That Are Grounds for Termination

Abandonment or Extreme Parental Disinterest


Mental Illness or Deficiency

Alcohol or Drug Induced Incapacity

Failure of Reasonable Efforts

Abuse/Neglect or Loss of Rights of Another Child

Failure to Provide Support

Failure to Establish Paternity

Child Judged in Need of Services/Dependent

Child’s Best Interest

Child in care 15 of 22 months (or less)

Felony assault of child or sibling

Murder/Manslaughter of sibling child

Circumstances That Are Not Grounds for Termination

Felony Conviction/Incarceration

Sexual Abuse

Failure to Maintain Contact

I don’t know about how the lawyer would go back if it wasn’t presented at the time other than it could be appealed due to knowledge not being present to the court. But according to the above reasons, it may not be enough to have his rights terminated. Sadly enough.

Can anybody tell me about termination of parental rights in N.C.? I have a relative with a 2 year old child who feels that the arrangements being made by the judge aren’t in the best interest of the child. There is information about the father which would seen to be damaging- he has a criminal record, supposed recovered drug and alcohol addict, addicted to porn, has an unstable lifestyle and was violent before, during and after the pregnancy plus has had no significant contact with the child in one and a half years. However, her lawyer didn’t seem to present the info (as promised) therefore the judge has begun to make what seems are uninformed judgements. As a single working parent receiving pro bono legal assistance what recourse does my relative have? It would seen that his rate of recidivism would be very high.