Terrorist Attorney Family


Been divorced from a NC attorney since 2010. She represented herself for the most part in our case and sued alleged paramour for damages in AoA and CC case. They both settled out of court, not worth the headache.

Ex wife’s father, also atty, did the deposition of paramour and helped with my ex wife’s case.

Father now wants to help husband of paramour sue me for AoA and CC. Can he legally represent paramour husband? Conflict of interest? Ethics violation?


If he had represented you or the paramour, then it would be a conflict of interest, but it sounds like he was working for your ex-wife.


He was “working for” his daughter (but no money exchanged hands).

What about information gained from working the ex-wife’s case against paramour? Would it be cross pollinization of evidence between the cases?

If not a conflict of interest, but would it be an ethical violation (?) to have:

~attorney father represent his attorney daugter against XYZ wife (attack on XYZ couple), and then
~attorney father represent XYZ wife’s husband (defend XYZ couple)


In my opinion, this is not an ethics violation. You can review the NC Rules of Professional Conduct at www.ncbar.gov.