The other woman

Ms. Barker,
you may have a case for “alianation of affection”. You should contact a lawyer on this issue.

Let me first state my opinion EWWWW! If he went through with the threesome, I would say you may be able to get them both. If it’s just an affair with the wife, then it may be difficult to prove her husband had anything to do with it.

He did not go through with the threesome but I know this is what started the idea of an affair… I dont even know if I will leave my husband but the other guy is talking about sueing my husband for alienation of affection when i think he had alot to do with it to begin with…Thanks

Teresa Barker

I do not believe that you can sue for Alienation of Affection if you are staying with your husband. In the courts eyes that would be your consent and forgiveness of the affair. Contact a lawyer if you are ending your marriage because of this affair.

And my “EWWW” was directed at the husband that would “sell” his wife to fullfill a personal fantasy. I only hope that she was wanting that fantasy fullfilled also. I know that there are a lot of people who enjoy that lifestyle, but if you have that type of lifestyle and are in essence inviting infidelity into your marriage, no matter whether the other parties involved are also married, you really shouldn’t be surprised when it becomes more.

My husband had an affair in Janurary with his best friends wife. The thing is though is that the best friend had been begging my husband to come home with him and have a threesome. He also sent several naked photos of his wife over the internet. I feel that this is what led to an affair. Do I have any right to sue both the wife and her husband because of the fall out of my marriage? I feel that he is to blame as much as her and my husband. I am desperate to find out what I can do… Thanks Teresa

Teresa Barker