Threat and What to Do

I recently settled w/my ex. My son asked me to go with him to see my ex’s mother. I did, we hugged and she told me she loved me multiple times. We always got along well.

My ex rarely goes to see her mother who is wheelchair bound and apparently resents my going. She told me if I went back, that “I will regret it.” She stabbed me once when I was married to her.

Can I get a restraining order or file communicating a threat charge against her for this?

All advice appreciated.

You may file for a Domestic Violence restraining order against a former spouse who makes threats which render fearful for your safety. The clerk’s office in your county court house will have the paper work necessary for you to proceed in seeking an order of protection.

Is her typed words, “You will Regret it” enough to constitute a threat to allow me to file a domestic relations order?

If the threat has made you fearful of substantial and imminent bodily harm, yes.