TPR and CS

The questions you are asking are very detailed and specific to your case, since it sounds like you have an attorney. It might be best if you discuss these issues with your counsel. As a general rule, if your spouse poses a true safety risk to your child, then supervised visitation should be the most you agree to.

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AFTER asking for Custody when I went for CS and Custody he said he all he wants is visitation…

The mediator asked him what he wanted and he said to see him (not I want to see my son) Then she asked how often and he says I don’t know. So then she asked, once a week, every other week, once a month or twice a month and he said twice a month I guess… I couldn’t believe after all of this he didn’t even know how much he wants to see him…

He said he would do supervised and I said I did not trust his family and friends. His ex wife made him choose between him and his kids in the first place. So then the mediator talked about the ‘safe places’ where they do the visits and I told her I didn’t trust him because of his molesting the one, the drinking and the violence.

I also told him I did not want the wife??? (neither had on rings this time so no idea IF they are married or what) Around him because of what she has done in the past… He says well she and K---- are his family… K----- is his and M----s sister and I was like AND C----s even if you did adopt her and then molest her…

I told him with his past as a child molester that he would miss out on doing things if he had to be a part of it with his past because I would make sure that the scouts and schools and everyone would know what he has done so the other kids could be watched even better.

I asked why he wanted to see him when he NEVER fought for for visits of the one he didnt molest (or so he says) once he got out. Even the mediator was curious about this…

Some how it got to a discussion of him terminating his rights… HE BROUGHT IT UP!!! (but he said if that is what “I” wanted) and I said he never wanted to with the girls so why now with him. No real answer. He swears the girls want to be around him but are scared of what I would do… The oldest is 20 so what could I do? and the other wanted to try to get to know him but he couldnt stop drinking for even one day :frowning: BUT its all my fault…

Not sure what will happen now. The mediator ask him if he wanted the TPR put into her letter and he said yes. I told him and I told her that once he is 9-10 and can tell me things and really understand what his father has done I wouldnt have a problem with him seeing him more (STILL NO OVERNIGHTS) or anything.

Letter is suppose to go out to my lawyer today…

Any suggestions?
Should I offer the supervised at a place and see how long it last? Or if you were me what do you THINK you would do? I know you never know till you are there…

The TPR coming from HIM shocked the crap out of me to say the least.

I have heard of a parent being responsible for CS after at TPR. Where can I find info on this especailly in NC?