Trial separation?


Sorry about duplicate posting! (got confused!)


Don’t just walk out without some kind of agreement protecting your interests. He could claim “abandonment” if you leave without an agreement and you might end up on the short end of the stick.

I suggest you consult an attorney.


A “trial separation”? If you are thinking of divorce, there is obviously a bigger problem that living apart for one month is not gonna cure. Have you thought about marriage counseling? Do you think that in a month everything is gonna become clear? Trust me, it doesn’t. If you have any thoughts in your mind that you want to leave your husband, they won’t just vanish in a month. My advice would be to try and work it out together, or leave for good.


I would like to have a one-month trial separation from my husband for the month of January, without it possibly hurting me financially or legally if my husband and I do divorce.

A friend of mine will not be in her house (here in town) for the month of January, so it would be convenient for us both if I could house-sit for her.

I am thinking about possible divorce due to my husband’s bad temper and general neglect of me/our marriage.

Thank you, Vicki