Two questions one about email and one about taping phone


Is it legal in NC to read someones private email without consent and is it illegal to tap your own phone in your name to record conversations without agreement of other party. I need to find out some info but dont want to do it illegal. Thank you for any advice.


You may tap your phone and record YOUR conversations legally. You can’t record 2 other people talking without ONE of them knowing. You can DO it, but you can’t USE it in court. Only one person in the conversation has to know they’re being recorded.

As for email…if you get into their email and read the email without their consent, you can’t use them in court. If they leave thier email up and open on screen, you might slide with that.


This is a tricky subject. Ignore the previous poster regarding email.
There is a lot of case law that has determined what is legal and what is illegal. There is also the Federal ECPA statute.

Overgeneralizing, if you have access to the computer where the email is stored regularly, and the email is stored on the hard drive, and your spouse knows that you have access to the computer, you can look at the already stored messages. If the email is done online, and your spouse gave you his/her password, then it is legal.

If you do illegally get the emails, they are admissible in court. But, you can be counter-sued by your spouse for breaking into their email.