If your both pissed at the deal it may be fair if either of you like it its more then likely not.


Dagoone you do have my same attorney !! Or she has her attorney [:D]
Cut your losses don’t file anything about child support until ED is done then file through the state… (Lesson learned the hard way) Cut the property from the deal get it down to only retirement is what you have to pay, Remember PROPORTIONATE TO DATE OF MARRIAGE very important
If your anything like me, I will die early after dealing with this for so long or at least die before I retire …

Disbelief in the system

By the way I am not a lawyer just been there seen that and got it all via debt but, got my kids (most importently) truck, boat, house cat dogs and bills same as I was before and 56.00 in C/S which is better than when she ran up the bills I geuss heck she cost me more a month than that so I geuss I did pretty fair !

Disbelief in the system


Greetings. You know that I cannot answer this. I would need to see the equitable distribution affidavits, etc. It may be a good deal versus paying more attorney fees though - so take that into consideration. Even if you get a judgment against her to pay you, is it likely that she will pay or you will have to pay the attorney to continue to deal with her non-payment? Think about it and good luck!

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If she left, I have the child, and all the bills, I get no child support,I pay her child support, she asking for alimony, retirement and attorney fees,50% of property if sold but after 2 appraisals property is $16k negative equity,and her Attorney knows that there is a tremedous amount of negative equity to be split, My attorney wants to settle by me keeping all negative equity, give her a portion of retirement,no alimony,no child support, and no attorney fees. My qustion is, Is that a fair settlement? Can I get her for abandonment? Shuold she get a portion of the negative equity?