Uncontested Divorce Question

I am in the process of filling out the paperwork for an uncontested divorce. My (soon to be) ex are are on very friendly terms and I have no problems handing her a copy of all the documents. Can I use this as a method of service and, if so, how do I need to document it to file with the other documents?
Could she come with me and file (or can I file) her answer to the complaint and waiver of time at the same time I file the papers?
I noticed a “Waiver of time” form in a another post for Meklenburg County… can this one be used in Wake as well?

Thank you Rosen Law firm for this valuable service.

Personal service by a party to the action is not proper under the rules of civil procedure. You may however hand the papers to her if she waives proper service and files what is called an Acceptance of Service. If she completes an Answer and Waiver and the same is notarized, you may file the document on her behalf.

The Waiver of Time can be used in any county.

Hopefully one last question… The “acceptance of service”, “answer”, and “waiver of time” documents… are they required to be separate documents or may they be combined into one document with a verification?

They can be combined into one document, which must be verified.