Uncontested Divorce Questions


My wife and I have no outstanding issues to resolve and I’d like to do our divorce myself. We have a Seperation Agreement that addresses our property distribution and Parenting Agreement. Are there specific forms that have to be filed with the courts pretaining to the property, visitation and child support? If not, can we simply attach the Seperation Agreement with the complaint or judgement? If so, what are the forms?

Thank You for your help.


You do not have to attach your separation agreement to anything, in fact if you submit your Separation Agreement with a proposed divorce judgment the agreement can become incorporated into the judgment which normally is not advisable.
In order to obtain a divorce you need to file a complaint for absolute divorce, server your wife, and then schedule a hearing date for the divorce, you will have to prepare a judgment for the judge to sign at the hearing.
Most counties have self service centers, and even offer “do- it –yourself” divorce kits which include the forms you will need and step by step instructions on how to complete them.