Uncontested Divorce

Reposting to hopefully get an answer this time:

After reading through the super helpful divorce guide pdf Rosen provides, I checked the Mecklenburg County Clerk of Courts. They have an ICANN online service that looks like it provides the same paperwork Rosen says to use. The only difference is that the ICANN site says that with an uncontested divorce, “A judge will review your file during the week of your hearing date. You do not need to come to the court or contact the judges’ office about your divorce.” This is contrary to all the Rosen stuff I have read and since you guys got me through my QDRO, I trust you. But the info is off the Clerk of Courts site (and I really don’t want to go to court) so I want to believe that.

So my questions:
Has anyone used the ICANN site and was the paperwork they provided accurate?
Do I have to go to court if I file an uncontested divorce in Mecklenburg County?

Sorry, I thought I responded last week. Mecklenburg County is different. You are correct that you do not have to make a separate appearance to get the divorce granted. The judge will review the file during the week, and if there are no issues, the divorce will be granted. If you provide the clerk with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, they will mail a copy of the divorce decree to you. Otherwise, you have to stop by and pick it up. It is a very efficient system, and I imagine we will start seeing more of this across our state in the years to come.

Our divorce guide includes standard procedures for across the state, but it’s not perfect. Each county may have different local rules or procedures which vary slightly, so it is best to use our resources in conjunction with their rules.

well i think you have to go there, will give confirm info as soon as i got that :slight_smile: