Unemployment and Child Support

Please help. In July of 2005 my ex abandoned our 2 children because she was running from the law. This left me with both the children. My wife had to quite her job in order to stay with the kids. This went on until June of 2007 when my ex showed back up but I maintained custody of the kids until July 2009. During this time I never received support because she could not be found. In November of 2008 due to the economy I lost my job at which I was at for 13 years and started receiving unemployment. In July of 2009 the kids went back to stay with her. I received a letter yesterday that she is seeking child support from me. My questions are:

  1. Can I receive backed support for the years she was gone?
  2. I have heard that only 25% can be taken from my unemployment, Is this true?
  3. I have 1 daughter from my first marriage that I already pay support for which is 123.00 a week from my unemployment (494.00/wk unemployment). Will they take additional support from my unemployment for these or will the existing 123.00 be split between them?

Thanks for your help because I am really upset by this because I have always taken good care of my kids even since going to stay with their mother.

At this point you cannot go back and receive support for the previous years as the children are no longer with you and child support was not ordered in the past.

Child Support is calculated according to the Child Support Guidelines, and there is not a cap on the amount based on the source of funds. There is a calculator on this website which you may use to estimate your child support obligation.

The support you are paying for your other child will be factored into the new calculation. You will continue to pay that amount in addition to the amount ordered for the other children.