How to get the child support money

hello everyone. my husband and i have been separated for over a year now. i left due to his drug abuse (cocaine, that i know of) and he has not been working for almost 2 yrs now. so far he has been on unemployment and i was able to at least get some money b/c they would take it out of his unemployment check. now, i’m assuming that his unemployment must have stopped b/c i have not been getting the regular payments for about a month. the child support is court ordered and he is already about 2 months worth behind. when i call them to ask about it, the answer i get is basically that as long as he is trying to make pmts, then there is only so much that they can do. we have 3 small kids together and it is impossible for me to pay all our bills. if it has not been for family loaning me money, we would have practically been on the street. he was the primary breadwinner when he worked. i have my home based business that barely makes any money and only if i work a whole lot which is hard w/ 3 little ones (5 and under).
sorry this is a bit long.

thank you for all the input. any and all advice is greatly appreciated.