Uninsured Health Care Costs


Are co-pays considered uninsured health care costs? I ask because I do not think I am suppose to keep covering all of the co-pays for our kids. When she goes out of network, they of course go up. I can see things like braces, glasses, and contact lenses, but I think she is suppose to at least pay that on her own if I am paying the premium. Are agreement says premium and all uninsured health care cost which makes me think of procedures that the health care plan may not cover.


Yes, normally co-pays would be considered an uninsured health care cost that parents typically split. I would have to review your actual agreement though to give you a definitive answer in your case.

We only have it mentioned in one place…

I think she is thinking that she can take the kids to the doctor anytime she wants with no worries because she thinks I have to pay the co-pay each time. From what I have researched, that is suppose to be split even though it is mentioned. I guess you can say that this part in our agreement does not say it is and it does not say it is not. It is not like she can force me to pay the entire thing as I do not trust what she does with the money.

Well, a co-pay could be considered an uninsured health care cost. What you could try doing is see if she’ll agree to having her send the bills directly to you and you will then reimburse her for them immediately. That way you know that the money is going to medical bills.

Thanks. I’ll give that a try. She will not like it, but it will give her something to think about if she wants to run to the doctor all of them time for things that can be taken care of by over the counter medicine.

Being that there is a lot of grey area for this, we might have to have this modified or amended. The providers may insist the co-pay be paid up front. I understand that we have to go to a notary and all. If she agrees, it will allow some things to be defined more tightly in order to avoid confusion like this.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

You are welcome! Good luck to you.

What does “uninsured medical” consist of? The Doctor has recommended several over the counter medications for very specific medical issues because they were cheaper than the prescription. Since these medications were medically necessary per Doctor’s orders then I would think they would be covered under “uninsured medical”?


  1. Daily Claritin for allergies recommend by Doctor
  2. OTC ring worm ointment - Doctor stated that the prescription was the exact same but more expensive option.
  3. OTC cough medicine recommended by doctor during flu as there wasn’t a prescription available for 7 year old
  4. OTC Acid Reflux medication recommended by Doctor.

There are medications for each of those reasons that many times are cheaper in prescription vs. Over-the-counter. My children were each on Claritin before it went O-T-C and I specifically asked for an allowance to be entered in my monthly expenses to cover those items. (Works the same way as cost of insurance.) Then that amount was offset by the income shares. And I’d double check availability of network doctors as well as making sure they’re not listing you as responsible party if you’re not present with the children.

I’ll need some more information to better answer your question. Are you referencing a separation agreement or court order? Does the document define uninsured medicals in any way?