Uninvolved non-custodial parent

this is so unfair. Has she spoken to her father about this? How often is she with her father? Maybe if there is a complete impass, file to modify the visitation so she is with you more. If it were just social activities, the judge probably would be more on the “structure side” but with school activities being affected, you may have a shot. Have you tried offering transportation to and from her dad’s house to some of these activities?

My ex is very uninvolved with our child. It has been 10 years of the same thing. He never does anything with her and refuses to take her to school functions or friend parties on his weekends. Recently it has gotten worse because she is a pre-teen and wants to do more and more with friends on the weekends. She is also in sports and games are on the weekends. He is not amenable to her schedule and is put out by this. He will not speak to me so I cannot get him to see what this does to her nor can I get him to understand her feelings regarding this. What can we do?? She is getting to a point where she gets sick when it is time to leave and feels left out because she misses so much. Suggestions please?? Does she have any rights when it comes to living her own life?