Update on visitation

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Dear amoore:

Greetings. Yes, your ex’s boyfriend’s behavior is enough to allow a judge to order that he cannot be around your child. She will likely deny saying it, but that does not mean that it did not happen. Thank you.

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Recently I have learned that my ex wife’s boyfriend, with whom she lives, has been physically abusive to her, and drinks quite a lot. This is information that came from her and her family. Rather than going back to court to come to a new agreement, my wife suggested that we allow my ex to come and pick up my daughter, take her out for a few hours on the weekend then return her home by that night. My attorney reviewed this agreement and said that we should put the physical abuse in the papers as a reason for not permitting unsupervised visitation for the whole weekend. My ex will not sign the papers as long as they say that. She claims that her physical abuse has nothing to do with her picking up our daughter as long as her boyfriend is not around her.She says that she is not going to sign anything that will hurt her chances of getting weekends. I cannot find any police reports, and have been unable to record her because most of our conversations occur on cell phones. Will her boyfriends physical abuse and alcohol problem be enough to prevent my daughter from being around him? If we go to court, I know she will deny ever saying it. I have my wife as a witness, and possibly the ex mother in law.