Upholding A Prenuptial Agreement After Death

My brother was murdered in NC in 2005, and we were never notified by the courts, nor his wife as to the distribution of his estate, and learned over a year after his death that his wife denied the existance of his wills, and a prenuptial agreement that clearly stated EVERYTHING was to be seperate, as he was 38, near to retirement, established and wealthy, and she was to inherit nothing.
After finding the lawyer who did the prenup, he sent us, her, and the Superior Court judge the documents, yet nobody has charged her with fraud and theft, and since we are in Ohio, it has been a nightmare we would have never imagined.
Her lawyer refuses to return our calls and letters, and need legal advice!

According to probate documents, his estate was valued at 1.5 million.
Please contact me here, or at my personal e-mail, or both.
Rhonda Fleming

The prenup comes into play only if the parties were to have separated prior to your brother’s death. The proper way to deal with this issue is with a challenge to the probate court’s distribution. Please contact our client liaison by dialling the main number and selecting extension 100 for a referral to a lawyer who practices in that area of the law.

What do you mean by “Comes into play only if the parties seperated before his death?” She has made herself a “Trustee” and has NO right to even be that! I don’t understand why the judge in Superior Court doesn’t charge her with fraud against his estate, she has lied many times on court probate documents.

Prenups are intended to deal with martial separation and divorce, not probate issues.