Sad date of affairs


Heres one for you that has my own attorney stumped…I was married on Oct 19 in SC. My husband introduced a prenup to me on Oct. 20, and assured me it was just for one year. I signed it on the 21st with his friend/notary predating the document to Oct. 15 which is the date it was faxed from attorneys office.
Would a prenupt that is signed after the marriage be valid?
Would any portion of it be valid? There is a no disclosure clause as well.
I am willing to polygraph that this was the state of affairs, if the dates make any difference.
My attorney says there is no statute or cases in NC that address this issue. We were married in SC, but are residents of NC.
The premarital agreement was done in NC and notarized in NC.

Not to even address, I had no representation, did not fully read or comprehend the document, was presented to me under false implications, was never given a copy of it until date of separation,
and he ran off with a married woman! He also was living by the document, though I didn’t realize it until he was gone. He hasnt paid my medical bills which have a substantial total…
has deceived me with property purchases and loans, etc. I do believe he is a psychopath, but undiagnosed.
My welfare and that of my two daughters depend on this one issue.

Can you direct me to the articles or statutes regarding this matter so that I may give it to my attorney? I am a dependent spouse, and it is debatable if my ex will be forced to pay my attorney fees.
I think that she might be afraid she would be doing a lot of work for nothing regarding this matter.
This is an awesome website, and you are really doing a fabulous service to the public.
The ex is wealthy, very.


The statute regarding premarital agreements is contained in chapter 53B of the NC general statutes. I would suggest that you argue the agreement is invalid based on fraud. It was not executed prior to marriage.


You recommended 53B, but this is the Financial Privacy Act.
Is there a statute in it regarding the grounds of fraud?
I have found the Premarital statutes in 52, but there is no basis for invalidity
due to these particular circumstances? I’m lost here…
Do you know of any other idiot that might have done the same thing as I did?
Doubt it…but if there were a case ruling, that would help tremendoutly
either in NC or Federal? How can I find out? I know. Im a pain.
Wish I had this many questions long ago, and hadn’t trusted the creep!


Sorry- typo 52B.
Case law research is beyond the scope of this forum.
I sincerely wish you all the best!