Can a pre-nup be invalidated?

My husbands wealthy family wanted me to sign a pre-nup before I married him. My husband emailed the pre-nup to me on 12/31/10 - New Years Eve. We went that same afternoon to sign it and have it notarized. We were married the following day 1/1/11 on New Years Day in North Carolina.
I had no time to seek legal counsel before signing even though there is a line in the prenup that says I was advised to. We have had trouble in the marriage, he is not working a real job, and I am sure the reason his parents wanted me to sign the pre-nup is because if and when I found out what his true colors are that I might divorce him. I am not sure if I want to continue in this marriage or not, but if I decide to stay I definitely want this pre-nup thrown out. Can I have the pre-nup thrown out or invalidated and how do I do this?