Validity of Visitation order

My ex husband and I divorced with children in MN. He now lives in Maine re-married and I live her with our children in NC un-married. I filed for a transfer of Divorce/custody/visitation to NC…but he refused to sign the paperwork. I’m not sure if it transfers after a certain amount of time…but is the visitation schedule that was agreed upon in MN still valid even though we live in two different states?

Yes, whether it is a contract or a court order, the agreement should still be binding. If it is a court order, you can file a petition to register the foreign child custody order so that you can enforce it here in NC. If you are no longer able to follow the order or agreement because the distances between the parties have changed, you may need to register it in order to file a motion to modify. If the provisions are contained in an agreement, you can file a new child custody action.