Vendictive and emotionally draining

As far as the modification of support, if the child is over 18 and out of school, this should be no problem as long as he did not sign any paper agreeing to pay extra for college or anything.

My husband’s Ex tried the same thing with his kids. As they get older, they will realize she is what she is, a very vindictive person. My husband’s kids would not come to stay on his weekends and we could not get any help from the courts because they would not charge her for contempt of court.( I could tell you some real horror stories about the law in Scotland County and how they usually take the woman’s point of view.)

His kids are all over 18 now and realize that their mother stopped them from a relationship with dad. They now come and spend lots of time with him and myself. His 19 year old daughter even went out with just me last night to dinner!!! She now realizes how we tried to see them and help them but her mom did everything in her power to stop this. The kids have caught her in so many lies that they don’t believe anything that she says now. They came to us and asked questions and we answered as honestly as we could. This was done after they turned 18 because we did not want to cause any more stress to them than what they already had.

She lied about her child support and alimony and I was able to show them that she got every penny she was suppose to get. She claimed he was not paying her but since it went through the NC Child Support I was able to get copies of every payment he made and when she received them. I let them look at these papers.

As far as the fact she had an overnight guest, since that is in the past and she has now remarried, I doubt it would do any good to make an issue of it. It would probably cost more than it would be worth.
Just my opinion.

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Good Luck!!!

Before the divorce, my husband’s ex- was best described as vendictive. Holding up court with ridiculous new information, more paperwork, etc., causing us a lot of time and money. My husband is now requesting for modification of support. His oldest son has just turned 18 and has graduated from High School. This should be a no-brainer, but of course, she is fighting this. My husband gets very emotional about this because he just feels he is going to get hurt again. She told him during the divorce, she would take him for everything he was worth and pit his two boys against him. She succeeded with the oldest - - his conversations are minimal at best. My husband’s youngest son has a learning disability (which his mom is embarrassed to speak of) and he does not want to hurt either me, my husband or his mom, but he does recognize that she is very mean. She gets mad at the boys and does not speak to them for one-to-two weeks (literally)! I can’t fully describe her vendictive behavior, but to say that she takes pleasure in seeing my husband suffer is an understatement. Honestly, we are afraid of her, even though we know we have the law in our hands, eg, the Modification - child is 18 - no brainer; and she had an overnight guest before she remarried and the kids were home (she even had the youngest lie to his dad about this). We can get her for breach of the divorce agreement. We are just emotionally drained and we haven’t even started. Is there anyway to stop her behavior or can we be assured that a Judge will pick up on this behavior - - because she is real good at covering this up outside the home.