Verification of Consultation

After our court case in which I represented myself- I received a verification of consultation form along with my ex-attorneys proposed Judgment order.
I wrote the attorney a letter with the things I thought were not recorded right and sent it to him but I did not send the verification form back- I thought I should send that once the proposed is corrected and I have approved it.
Did I do that right? I am hoping there were no other things I needed to file with the court to get this proposal correct and that it is between me and the attorney until we get it right?
Although he did attach new CS worksheets which showed a new % of uncovered medical expenses to be paid by my ex-there was no mention of the new % in the Decree. Is it assumed that we will follow the worksheet to Split the uncovered medical or should I have also asked him to put something in the decree about uncovered medical?

The verification is submitted to the court with the Order. If the attorney does not accept your changes he or she will submit the order as it was written, along with a copy of your letter outlining proposed changes. The judge will then decide what language the order will contain.

If is not assumed that you will follow the % for uninsured medicals, unless this is a modification and % was the rule in the former order.

% of uncovered Medical was in the last order but in the last order it was 50/50 which now needs to be changed to 35/65.
Should I request that be written in the decree or does it just follow attached CS worksheets which show 35/65?

It should be in the decree.