Violation of Court Order?

As part of our divorce settlement, I gave my ex possession of a car of which I’m the lien holder. She was to assume payments until the time she could trade it. Several months have gone by and she hasn’t traded it and my name is still on the loan. She hasn’t made payments per the court order, and about a week ago she abandoned the car in a parking lot because of some issue with it. I got the payments caught up which I wasn’t required to do, and I had to pay a wrecker service just yesterday to go after the vehicle because it had been sitting a week, I was afraid it would be broken into, and because she sent me a text saying " go get it I don’t want it". But the court order says I was to turn it over to her ? The lien holder says I’m responsible. What to do here without going to court again

The court order can’t change your obligation on the loan; if your name is on the loan the lienholder can still go after you for payments owed. If she has violated the current order, you can file a motion for contempt.